theimancameron: "What do you think is the most under-rated run on Wonder Woman?"

Hm… that’s a surprisingly hard question, actually.

Perez, Rucka and Simone’s runs have all been roundly celebrated, and deservedly so — they represent the Wonder Woman book at its best. (Although, personally, I feel that Simone’s run is somewhat overrated; while she’s written some of my favourite Wondy moments, she’s also written some things I hate. I love the early part of her run, but I’m more ambivalent about her later stories.)

There were four main Wonder Woman writers between Perez and Rucka and, frankly, I think they’re all appropriately-rated.

William Messner-Loebs, John Byrne and Phil Jimenez all contributed some important things to the book in terms of new characters and plot developments, and Byrne and Jimenez told a number of good stories, but with all three of them the good stuff goes hand-in-hand with a whole lot of NOPE. They all wrote some pretty atrocious things.

There are certain Byrne and Jimenez stories that are worth revisiting, but I wouldn’t bother rereading their runs in their entirety. WML’s run, I’d probably only re-read for the lulz (there’s a lot of hilaribad writing in there).

Eric Luke’s brief run is almost entirely forgettable. I think the only lasting thing he contributed was the Themysciran Embassy, which Diana established in his last issue.

Between Rucka and Simone were Allan Heinberg and Jodi Picoult. I’ve only read a bit of Heinberg and nothing of Picoult — this was the era of Agent Diana Prince and Shamazons, both of which I hate, so I kinda steered clear. From what I’ve heard, neither run is particularly amazing.

After Simone came the #600 relaunch with the crapsack-world AU story arc. Again, completely forgettable.

So bearing all that in mind: whose is the most underrated run?

WML, Byrne, Jimenez, Luke, Heinberg and Picoult— I don’t think any of them really deserve any extra credit. So… maybe Perez? I mean, I know that sounds weird — he is widely celebrated as the creator of the modern-age Wonder Woman — but I think it’s easy to forget just how formative his run was.

He and his collaborators did such a brilliant job of reinventing Wonder Woman, building a complex history and society for the Amazons and drawing extensively on Greek mythology. He produced some great reimaginings of classic Wondy villains — his Cheetah in particular is fantastic. He established Diana as an ambassador and dealt extensively with her mission of diplomacy and Themyscira’s entry into the global community. And whereas today’s DC writers and editors shy away from calling Diana a feminist, Perez regarded feminism as being central to the book and the character and focussed heavily on female friendships and relationships. Oh, and he told some really awesome stories.


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I usually hear how awesome his mom is, but can we take a second to realize his dad is awesome too.  Best comic book parents.

Jaime has the best supporting cast of any comic character ever.  I don’t know what they’ve done with him in the Nu52.  In fact, I’m frightened to even read, but this book is perfection.  He has the support of his family and his friends who all know exactly who he is and what he has to do.  They support him a million percent.

His parents are together and happy.  His friends are normal teenagers.  Well, as normal as they can be in a comic universe.  There wasn’t some deep tragedy that set him on the path of being a hero just some fucked up coincidences and circumstances.

He just has right and wrong and what he should do with these powers so deeply ingrained in him that there was no question about what he’d do with them.  That’s because of the people in his life.

Not all heroes need a tragic backstory.  When they work, they work, but with Jaime everything is just perfect.  

It’s okay to concentrate on love and happiness sometimes guys!

Anonymous: "Hi! Did you read the Olympus arc of Smallville where Diana appeared? If so, what did you think of it?"

I haven’t read it, no! I’ve been meaning to, though. I like Bryan Q. Miller’s writing and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Smallville comic. And the preview pages I saw of the Olympus arc looked promising. I’ll let you know when I’ve had a chance to read it!

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Anonymous: "Is Grant Morrison a good writer?"

He’s a good writer, but I don’t know if he’s for me? I don’t know. I’ve listened to people whose opinions I trust rave about Morrison, but every time I delve into his work I come out feeling ambivalent.

Like, his New X-Men run. That was a defining X-Men run, and there are elements of it that I think are brilliant. But there are also elements that I think are completely awful and/or stupidly convoluted. I stopped reading completely after the bullshit he pulled with Magneto.

I kind of get the same impression from his Batman work, or at least the little I’ve read of it. He created Damian Wayne, who is a fantastic character — but his portrayal of Talia was horrible and insulting, and nothing can ever convince me that killing off Damian was a good idea.

But then, like I said, I keep hearing people I like singing Morrison’s praises. So maybe I do need to give him another shot? Or maybe he’s just not for me. I don’t know. If anyone has a recommendation, though, I’m willing to give it a try.

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Flying peacock by Captainskyhigh on Flickr.

Photography of peacocks in flight is always amazing!

You want dragons? Here be dragons

Cosima: Do you wanna do some science?
Kira: Science class?
Cosima: Yeah, it’s my favorite. Pure science. You wanna do it?
Kira: Yeah.
Cosima: We’re gonna do an experiment.

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I just want to know what the fuck conversation was had in Daniel Andrews’ office over this stolen dictaphone debacle.

"So listen, I know the government is tearing itself apart from the inside, and that we’re ahead in all the polls and well-positioned to win this year’s election, but since we’ve already stolen this reporter’s dictaphone, d’you reckon we should seek legal advice about releasing its contents?”

"Guys, no; this is wrong. I think we should just burn the thing and add destruction of property to our growing list of crimes."

"I see where you’re coming from, but I’m still not sure. Tell you what, I’m going to make a few dozen more digital copies and send ‘em around, see what everyone else thinks."

"Good idea. There is no possible way that this could backfire."



favourite comic book artists → Bill Sienkiewicz

Anonymous: "Hi! I know you've answered quite a few questions regarding recs but I've never read a Wonder Woman comic before so I just want to know, where do I start? Thank you :D"

No worries! I know it can be hard to figure out where to start with a long-running character like Wondy.

I’d recommend starting with one of two graphic novels: JLA: A League of One and The Hiketeia. They’re both great books, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.

If you want a more uplifting story about Diana’s heroism and devotion to her friends — or if you just want to see her punch a dragon — start with A League of One. If you want a somewhat darker story, a modern-day Greek tragedy that speaks to Diana’s mythological roots — or if you just want to see her punch Batman — start with The Hiketeia.

After that, I’d recommend going straight to Greg Rucka’s run (starting from Wonder Woman #195, or the TPB Down to Earth), which is absolutely brilliant.

I’ve got a longer list of recs here as well, if you’re interested!

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