Colourful blue-headed Agama lizard in South Africa | ©Simon Pierce  

A male blue-headed Agama lizard (Agamidae) in breeding coloration on a branch in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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HELP ME BY MAKING SUGGESTIONS! It’s graphic novel purchasing time for my library!


I’ve had a very rough morning and my mind has gone blank. I need some graphic novels that feature awesome ladies, especially diverse ladies. Specific titles I can look for on Amazon would be great. 

I have ONE Batgirl GN in the collection and it is a mediocre Cassandra GN (There’re SO many better ones out there) I need some Babs, possibly pre-52 and post. More Cassandra. I need THE BEST Birds of Prey stuff too. 

I’m also having a brain fart. I need some help in purchasing the Stephanie Brown Batgirl stuff. Maybe the Robin stuff too, if it’s in GN form which I doubt. Ok. Are there three volumes? Is there a compendium? I’ve looked on Amazon and I am growing frustrated and my brain is not working. 

I’m striving for a bit of continuity. Some high quality Wonder Woman would be great. Some high quality She-Hulk would be even MORE awesome (She-Hulk just needs her own comedy courtroom drama show, plz Marvel)… And other things you can think of that are very strong storylines and solid representations. 

Please signal-boost. My brain is dead today! And this project ties directly into my state library association presentation in the fall regarding getting girls into comics as a bridge to traditionally male interest areas and eventually STEM. 

(PS: if you’re a lady in the industry and would not mind being interviewed for my presentation and paper, please let me know :) )

Starting with some more recent books:

Ms Marvel: (so gorgeous so delightful so perfect, plus a great all-ages title)

Captain Marvel:

She Hulk: 



Demon Knights:


Sword of Sorcery:


Some non-superheroes…

Lazarus: (A dystopian future where the world is divided not by political or geographic boundaries, but financial ones, and everything is owned and run by a handful of all-powerful Families. Oh my god it’s so good.)

Pretty Deadly: (beautiful dark twisted Western/fairy tale)

Rat Queens:

Saga: (incredible beautiful crazy inventive space opera with a diverse cast; the two lead protagonists are both POC)

And some older titles…

Batgirl: (unfortunately, both Cass and Steph’s runs are out of print :( But here are the titles, in case you manage to find them)

Birds of Prey: (also out of print, though some may be found online)

Wonder Woman: (out of print, though I managed to find Eyes of the Gorgon and Land of the Dead)

Blue Beetle: (omg it’s so great… and out of print ;_;)

comic book meme: ten books (2/10)

The Daily Bugle’s ongoing crusade against the FF.

When I was just a little girl I asked my mummy what should I be?

"Fuck ‘should’," she said.

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we have a connection.

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Sara’s endless list of fave comic panels in no order (1/?)

Big Barda in Booster Gold #34



Sarah Manning

All the Phil Noto appreciation.

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"This ends badly for you."

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In our country, the Taliban will come and they will slash our throats and finish our lives. It will take 10 minutes to die. But here, they are killing us by pain, taking our soul and our life slowly. In our countries there is physical torture, but here we are being tortured mentally.

Unnamed refugee (x)

More than 50 refugees have been resettled by the Australian government on Nauru, where they reportedly don’t have enough food or water, can’t get enough work to cover the most basic living expenses, live in appalling conditions and feel they have been “abandoned to live like animals in the jungle”.

Meanwhile, 44 other asylum seekers remain in indefinite detention, despite having been found to be legitimate refugees, due to adverse security findings. (Note: This does not mean they pose any actual threat to Australia. We’re talking, for instance, a Tamil refugee who was forcibly recruited into the Tamil Tigers before fleeing the civil war.) Their incarceration is in breach of more than 140 international laws and conventions. (x)

And this is just from today’s newspaper. This has been going on for years, under both Labor and Liberal governments, and it’s only getting worse. In onshore detention centres, on Manus Island, on Christmas Island, on Nauru, on a customs ship in the middle of the fucking ocean — asylum seekers (including children) in Australian immigration detention are being subjected to mental anguish and abuse and denied basic needs.

And when they are driven to self-harm and suicide, the Australian government accuses them of emotional blackmail.

And remember, none of these people have committed a crime by seeking asylum. They are not “queue-jumpers”. They are not “illegal immigrants”. These are people fleeing death and persecution in their home countries, and if their refugee status is upheld, then Australia is obliged under international law offer them protection.

And instead our government is torturing them.

And we’re letting it happen.