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"And I don't have time to play."

Name of the Rose #03

The Birth of Venus (details), Sandro Botticelli

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I get the impression that the racist connotations of the Bloody Lips character have just gone straight over W. Haden Blackman’s head. He talks about this guy as a spiritual successor to Kraven the Hunter — a character who absorbs skills, powers and memories by eating them, and who pursues assassins like Cape Crow and Elektra as the ultimate delicacy. Which is a perfectly valid concept.

Except that when you give that role to an Aboriginal man who wears a “tribal” costume, lives in the wilderness and claims to serve a mythical serpent, you’re playing directly into a racist stereotype of Aboriginal Australians as uncivilised savages and cannibals — a stereotype that has been used to justify persecution, child abduction, wholesale slaughter and genocide.

That’s why the character bothers me so much.

"Didn’t your mama tell you guns are dangerous?"

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[T]they want so badly to be “hard” and “edgy” but most often the results are sour, false and cheap. DC Comics is in danger of becoming the literary equivalent of Axe Body Spray. —

Steve Bennett on DC Comics (via cooltrainershells)

Whoops. Too late.

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by anne-lise nalin.

She then achieves what no other woman has been able to do since Helen at Troy. Using the ruse of the movable bed, she makes Odysseus lose his self-control and thereby reveal himself when it suits another, not himself, for him to do so. She has tricked the trickster, unmasked the stranger. From this position of strength, she relents, embracing her husband. —The Unknown Odysseus (via polytropia)

Wow, the artwork in Elektra #1 is gorgeous.

But, well.

I am so incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that

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reasons you should love jessica drew: she’s seen like…four movies, at least